Calvin Klein


STYLIST Panos Yiapanis

AGENCY Mother New York

ECD Michael Ian Kaye
AD Korey Vincent, Blaise Cepis
CW Laura Perlongo
CAST Dev Hynes, Kelela, Petra Collins,
Evian Christ, Samantha Urbani,
Ali Michael, Michael Bailey Gates,
Marcel Castenmiller, Taeyang,
SoKo, Say Lou Lou and more.

YEAR 2014

To reconnect with 20-somethings who share themselves freely on the internet everyday, we approached the 20th anniversary campaign of CK One as an experiment.

The ingredients: 21 emerging artists, actors, musicians and models, 21 iPhones, several other fancy cameras that a few people knew how to use, 1 Mario Sorrenti, 1 hotel, 3 days, no script, no rules (a few tiny kinda-but-not-really-rules rules).

The content made by Mario and the cast was shared, unadulterated, on Snapchat.

The #ckmeforme Tumblr became the top-branded page for three months running.

The most salacious stuff created during our three-day experiment came together as a short film, featuring an exclusive demo produced by Evian Christ.

The content was also sliced into different formats across traditional media.