My name is Korey Vincent. I’m a New York-based consulting creative director and the founder of Feel.

Feel is a creative agency focused on building brands that are extraordinary and easy to love.

I’ve worked with and within brands and agencies on projects ranging from campaigns to complete rebrands.

My client experience includes Calvin Klein, Gap, Virgin Hotels, Target, Theory, and Helmut Lang, among many others.

I started my career in the dial-up internet era at the age of 14, creating websites for my father’s business associates, record labels, and start-ups.

After studying fine art at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, I joined Alexander Wang as the nascent brand's first in-house art director, helping to turn it into the venerable fashion house it is today.

Between then and now, I've held positions at Mother New York and Alldayeveryday, and managed to become an expert of sorts in lifestyle branding and advertising.

I enjoy talking about brand strategy, advertising('s dark side) and pop culture; one-on-one or in front of groups; for fun or for business.

*Feel* free to email me at the link below.